Adriatic sea, the Czech sea

Our journey to New Zealand started actually in Croatia. It
was kind of goodbye to my family. I personally have been to
Croatia many times (12x), Mag for the first time. My
parents took us to Croatia every summer and me and my
brother really enjoyed it.

Treble Cone. Our workplace.

Hello from Treble Cone. Little bit info about this beautiful place. It is a ski field, really huge ski field, but definitely with chilled vibes, nice old base building and cheeky keas. Keas, also known as Nestor Kea (the only one mountain parrot) is native to this area and guests could be really lucky to see…

Chasing koalas on the Great Ocean road

The weather was horrible. Raining&raining. Are we sure we aren’t in England? Yes. Still in Australia. Only thing what made us stay optimistic was the possibility of seeing koalas and maybe watching whales in Warrnambool, if we are lucky enough.

How we almost died in OZ

Before we went to Australia I of course researched what types of animals could be dangerous for us. So I googled…wow, “only” top 30 animals that could kill us. Nice! I was already fearless…UAAAA!

Gizzy, Gizzy, we miss you!

Gisborne or more familiar “Gizzy” is a small surf town on the East coast of the North Island. Gizzy stole our hearts and never give them back. Gizzy is just awesome! We miss you, love you, Gizzy!

Foggy south

We have one week before the hell called apple packing, we should relax and see something more. We are in central Otago, we have been to the West and East, let’s go for the South.

Sandflies’ West

No peaches,no nectarines and thanks God no apricots…that means, yeah, let’s go for travel. We said goodbye to our home in Roxburgh and our backpacker’s family and traveled to the west coast.